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Reto Manager

Be the top manager surpassing exciting challenges

Step into the shoes of a manager of a basketball team, there different challenges to face in this innovative and exciting game , your ability to face and overcome the difficulties that you will find on each challenge will depend on your valuation how manager.

Each RETO starts with different players, teams and situations. In each of the challenges you will have a specific time to meet the objectives.

You can also play Dynasty Mode where you can extend your work as team manager as long as you want. You can show your skill in making decisions and if you can manage resources well can one day become champion.

Do you accept the challenge?

Dynasty Mode

Dynasty Mode will use the same club during different seasons . You can gradually upgrade your own team and get a great prize list .

in Dynasty mode the stats of your players stored with the passage of the seasons and the club you will be improving gradually.


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